Monday, May 2, 2011


Jasper Johns
First: God Bless America!!

Scheduled Post: I love the eclecticism of the Brazilian beach home, each and every piece looks like it has a story and is worn from a full life. It's perfection comes from the all the imperfect, and I love that in a decorated home. Take a look:

Designer Sig Bergamin, right, and Murilo Lomas in their Trancoso, Brazil, home

I love the combo of the crisp white parsons table with french bistro chairs

love all the vintage, kept minimal with white walls for the perfect look




  1. This is one gorgeous interior. Yes it looks like a designer has styled it but at the same time it is so welcoming and inviting. I love its eclectic blend offset against the bright white lightness everywhere. xx

  2. i saw this in elle decor- i would just LOVE to have diner @ that dining room table!

  3. Em, yes the white everywhere is brilliant. Cara, me too, I could see the mojitos flowing!

  4. I love all the palms throughout the house! It looks like such a cool and breezy place.

  5. Beautiful, isn't it? I did a post on this a month ago!

  6. Hi - I especially love the dining room! I want to live there - or at least have a weekend getaway in their love shack!!! Thanks and an especially Happy Monday!
    Linda Lan

  7. Wow - just gorgeous. I would never want to leave the house!! Hope all is well with you!

  8. Love the Parsons table image and the last photo with the twin beds. So beautiful!