Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coral Chandeliers

I've been working with a client to find the perfect chandeliers for various rooms, and although coral is not our pick, I've been obsessing over them and can not wait to use one in another space at a future point in time.

I'm dreaming of one over our coastal dining room table, or over the jewelry counter in a Shorely Chic boutique...

Here they are in various rooms and look how they pop so elegantly and pleasantly organic in form...

I always loved these handing from a Palm Beach shopping alley off Worth Avenue

simply TO DIE...


Ballard makes a decent one for only $299. 

If I had 10k to drop, I would definitely consider this turquoise number by Viaggio

What do you think of coral chandeliers??


  1. I think they are beautiful, very classy!

  2. i love chandeliers. they can change any room!

  3. Wish I had a beach house to hang one of these lovelies in. lol
    Beautiful collection.

  4. A lot of coral chandeliers can feel a little too traditional for the kind of projects we usually work on, but the fixture in the second photo above(and possibly the seventh photo as well) looks like our favorite, more transitional coral chandelier, from Moth Design: http://www.mothdesign.com/chandwhitecoral.htm

    As I'm sure you know, when working on beach houses, it can sometimes be a challenge to create a space that feels beachy, but isn't too beach-kitchy, and that's why we love the Moth Design coral chandelier...It has a beach element to it, but its cleaner, more modern lines make it an interesting art piece as well as a light fixture.

    Here's a project in East Hampton that we used it on:

  5. They really are divine, aren't they? Hope you get to use one soon!

  6. i love them! they would be PERFECT in a beach house!

  7. OH, yes please!!! They are so gorgeous!!!

  8. I've never seen chandeliers quite like these, but I must say I love them! They would make perfect accents for a seaside home.

  9. Wow, you read my mind! I have been looking at a chandelier similar to that last picture for our upcoming living room makeover! Being in NZ, I may end up having to DIY one using a standard chandelier as a base..it should be interesting! :) Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  10. I think they are fabulous! I like the one in the photo that has the aqua cafe curtains.

    Go ahead and get yourself one...

  11. Love them and am desperately trying to find one reasonably priced for my daughter's room. Ballard's is just a tad too big.