Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

The readership on blogs generally declines on weekends, so I'm taking advantage and posting personal stuff my design readers may find boring, hope you don't mind!

I had a great weekend with Brian & Jack and friends & family. I stayed in with mom on Friday night and we ordered take-out from our favorite ethnic food restaurant in Stamford, Tabouli Grill. Neither my dad nor Brian like it, so we take advantage when they're not around. We had some wine, poured our hearts out with affection all over Jack, and chatted the night away. Brian stayed in the city after work to watch the Syracuse game, and although I said I was going to go in once my work was done, my motivation to take the train into NYC quickly dwindled after coming home to coziness with the Jackster and mamacita.

my little cutie...

On Saturday AM mom and I went shopping for her MOTB dress, and we think we found it!

beauty, isn't it? The color is not as shown, but will be a pretty Jade.

On Saturday night,  Brian and I went to dinner with Lauren and Rob to one of our favorite rests. in Darien, The Goose. The boys mainly watched the UCONN basketball game and Lauren and I talked about our puppies as if they were our babies and of course, weddings! We decided we are going to do our joint bachelorette parties in the Hamptons/Montauk in August. Lauren and Rob are getting married in September and she's my MOH :)

 And today...
Jack admiring the windows at Madewell on the Avenue...

My mom and I woke up early and went to an estate sale with Jack in Darien while Brian slept in. I got some great vintage goodies which I'll list in the shop this week :) Later, Brian and I strolled down Greenwich Ave with Jack and I bought him a cute fishbone collar from Vineyard Vines. After that, we introduced Jack to Todd's Point, the town park and beach, and we were pleasantly surprised to see so many dogs playing on the beach. We were a little nervous because Jack has never been off-leash outdoors and has been a little weird around other dogs, but we let him go and he absolutely LOVED it.

It was seriously the cutest thing I ever saw, I think I enjoyed it more than he did. He was so excited he didn't even know what to do, chasing all the bigger dogs, begging them to let him join in play. This yellow lab came up to him in the very beginning and I swear he said, "hey buddy, welcome to the club", and off he went!
He even chased them into the water, his first time swimming and it was 45 degrees out!!

here's a little video of us at doggie beach:

at the very end I say "Oh my God" and it because there was a lab out swimming so far I would be scared he might not make it back!

So there you have it, my weekend!! How was yours??


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your little Jack is adorable, and as the owner of a yellow lab myself, I know how much they enjoy their swims. I actually keep Darcy on a leash, as I'm scared he's the one who'd be swimming out to sea. Btw, I enjoy your personal posts, so keep 'em coming! K xx

  2. everything sounds so quaint where you live! your mom's dress is beautiful! jack is too cute and it looked like he had so much fun!

  3. What a fantastic weekend:)
    I love Jack...he's so darn cute!

  4. Living vicariously through you. Home with 2 sick kids this weekend:) Sounds like you guys were very productive...the dress your mom picked out is gorgeous!

    Puppy pics make me want a puppy as much as baby pics make me want more babies. I need to stop looking...he is too cute!! Jill

  5. Sounds like an amazing weekend! And the doggie beach pics and video are so cute. Jack is just so sweet. BTW, my old roommate works at The Goose!! Small world :)

  6. such a great weekend!!! your mom's dress is so pretty, and you and your hubby to be make such a cute couple!

  7. your mother looks amazing in that dress! she has such a cute figure. so many moms get stuck in tent-like monstrosities at weddings. she will look fantastic!