Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outdoor Drapery

To me, nothing is more inviting, romantic and peaceful than a nice outdoor living space to be in and look at, and drapery is a great element to consider when designing an outdoor space.

I gathered these photos from around the web which really capture the tranquility of drapes used outdoors:

Loving these stripes {above}

sexy {above}

how much fun would a dinner party for friends be under this intimate tent?

Again with the stripes, really love!

Ok, now snow please go away so we can get busy with decorating our porches!


  1. Loved the post! Drop by to see our fabulous imported French Basketeer Giveaway. To quote Andrea plastic bags are “so passé!”


  2. Love these!! I am hoping that this year I can get some drapes outside. I had some one year but they were normal fabric and only lasted on summer but I loved the feeling!

  3. Great post!! We are staining/painting our deck right now and I have been looking for curtains to install. Thanks for the inspiration.