Wednesday, March 16, 2011

casual and glam

I've got a busy day today starting with drawing and presentation class at 9:30-12:30, lunch in New Canaan with a new designer friend, have to go to the pet store to buy my little Jackie some necessities, and dinner in the city for my BFF - whoosh!

I wanted to leave you with a little something while I am gone. I love the combination of casual and glam in this photo. It just proves the point that you really can mix any styles, as long as it's done right. You've got the glammed up mirrored round table and chandelier surrounded by beach bags made from straw!

Have a great day, and if you're in New England, stay dry - the sun is on its way!!


  1. I love decorating and hope to some day have the design sense to create a space like that! I'm new to blogging, so please stop by!

  2. The effortless chic of this space is clearly conveyed. I really like that mirrored table. If you love those bags, then you will love our giveaway! Come visit us at Dovecote Decor.