Thursday, September 30, 2010

Design Crush: Tia Zoldan

I love anything that has to do with interior design in California, mostly for its laid back, beachy breezy cool look. I'm an East Coaster at heart, but sometimes I really think due to my laid back sense of being and obsession with the beach, I should be in California.

Anyways, back on track to my newest and hottest design crush, meet Tia Zoldan of Los Angeles, CA. I discovered her work on myhomeideas
browsing around for inspiration and took a long visit to her website, and blog

I love this cottage she designed so much, it's so perfect - beachy, relaxed, elegant and chic - just what I love!

These photos are taken of her remoldeled 1920's cottage, I just love it!

it's casual and bold and airy at the same time, how does she do it??


  1. Ooh! It's so pretty. I love how there are bursts of really bright but not overpowering color.

  2. Completely agree! Love this home!

  3. Love these rooms!!! I am determined to get a zebra rug. They are so fun! My SIL has a REAL zebra rug...saw it in the window of an antique store in TN and felt sorry for it...bought it...named it "Clarence". He is now well-loved and treated as a part of the family. :-)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. the little girl's room is the fabrics and colours....doesn't it just make you want to curl up and re-read a fave book from you childhood?
    great cottage indeed!