Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Saturday Morning

It's pouring rain here in CT and Brian is away, which means I devote most of my time to Shorely Chic. Sometimes it's hard to fit it in on the weekends because I'd rather be doing things like stay in bed till 10, make elaborate meals, beach, bike ride, run, play tennis, etc...I'm sure you all can agree and most of you probably have more to do!

I'll be going out with my girlfriends tonight in NYC but I decided to take today to paint and listen to DMB on pandora.  I took some photos of my morning and the disaster of my living room to share with you all. I am hoping my tonight I'll have the finished products to show you!

I'm repainting the top of this since it has a million nicks from all the items on top of it
P.S. does anyone know of a sealer I can use so this doesn't happen anymore?

painting this white, and may put some grass cloth on the top

coat 1 : done! 
Off for a run and then going to paint coat 2! 

(sorry if this is a boring post! I'm just excited to paint the things I've saying I was going to for months!)

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  1. Sound like productive morning! A clear polyurethane might work on the table. I'm not sure what brand to use on painted furnishings though.