Friday, January 8, 2010

Farmhouse Chic

I'm very drawn to the rustic look lately, maybe it's the 20 degree weather outside that's making me crave that country plaid blanket, fireplace, and exposed wood beam setting. I'd like to add some skiis and snowshoes on the porch outside, too! 

I walked into Pottery Barn today (my office is about twenty feet away which is very convenient) and was pleased to see the place filled with accessories of this rustic style and flowers mixed in for spring. By the time I left to head back to work I thought, 'farmhouse chic' - I love it! I looked down at the catalog I swiped on my way out which read 'Farmhouse Style' Spring 2010. It's an unusual look for the spring to me since I normally want bright colors and seashells everywhere come March, but it's working for me now :)

I went back to work and immediately googled the phrase and lots came up. I thought I'd share some photos:

I love these photos because they are cool yet cozy, rustic yet chic, elegant yet relaxed, etc...

In my Etsy search for 'farmhouse' I came across Joseph Spinale Furniture who I found to be very fitting. (pictured above)

I've added some new items and new tags to some of my Etsy items:

more items like this to come on Shorely Chic!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to a five hour Florentine cooking class with my gal pals in NYC :) My best friend who I studied with gave it to me for a birthday gift this year - so excited!!


  1. I'm half in love with the farmhouse chic- I fall for toile anytime and love a touch of rustic but too much is never a good thing for me!

  2. Ha! I guess my style just hadn't come to full light yet - this is the style I love the most!

    Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. Have a great time in NYC with your gal pals!
    Nice birthday gift!!

  4. looks totally worthy to me. Have fun in THE city!!!

  5. Love them all! I think they look really cozy!
    Have fun with the cooking class....I think that would be so fun:)

  6. Have a great time! I love Farmhouse Chic too. Love these images. Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010.

  7. Hope you had fun at cooking class. Thanks for sharing your warm and wonderful photo collection.