Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day & Blogfest 2012 Overview

Happy Memorial Day weekend!! Today (or after work) we can officially kick back and say, "Summer is Here!" I can't wait to get that Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc in my hand and feel the sand on my toes tomorrow. We have friends visiting from out town and have lots of fun outdoor plans (hoping for a little sun here on the east coast!).

It's been an amazing week with lots of Etsy sales with the SummerLove promotion going on, and spending the first few days in the Big Apple for Kravet's ultra inspiring Blogfest 2012. I have so many posts conjured up in this overactive brain of mine which will be posted overtime, but for now, I'd love to share some of the the highlights and instagram love with you.

We arrived on Monday afternoon to the Kips Bay Showhouse on the Upper West Side. The Kravet family was there to welcome us as well as Margaret Russel, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, who led a champagne toast to Blogfest and we were off to tour of the rooms. I was too busy chatting it up with bloggers I haven't seen in a while, and some I had just met for the first time, so my picture flow from this event is weak (bad blogger!!) Oh, and Thom Felicia was there as well, I always love to see him - he's uber charming.

On Tuesday morning we had a lovely breakfast at the penthouse of the Hearst Tower (photo provided by blogger friend Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips). 

Just to be walking the halls of the building where House Beautiful, Veranda and Traditional Home are published was motivating, and then to be able to listen to the various points of views from the Editor in Chiefs was really inspiring!

Nate Turner and his gang of New Wave Designers. I LOVED this panel and have so many interesting and inspiring stories to tell you.  

My favorite room and bathroom was designed by Lee Kleinhelter who owns the well known Pieces, Inc store in Atlanta, GA. I can't WAIT to do a full blog post on her :)
Yes, I will!

We got to listed to Ann Maine interview famed designer Alexa Hampton, who is an absolute fire cracker. My favorite line was when she said she would "slap anyone who said that traditional was dowdy" - I totally agree.

And finally, there's me with Laura Trevey of Bright, Bold & Beautiful. I ADORE Laura's blog and her so much, and was thrilled that she gave me a few of my favorite prints!

So it was certainly a busy week, but a very fun and inspiring one to get through. I highly encourage all design/lifestyle bloggers to attend blogfest if you can. The opportunitues are endless and the inspiration is highly intoxicating. A HUGE thank you to the Kravet family for hosting such an amazing conference - I look forward to attending for years to come!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! See you here on Monday :)


  1. What an inspiring week!!I think before we know it Elizabeth Joy Interiors is going to be the "IT" Interior Designer in the Tri-State area! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Definitely inspiring! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! How great that you got to meet Laura Trevey...I LOVE her work! xx

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I wish I were there..maybe next year! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  5. It was so nice meeting you last week! I am with you, too much inspiration in my head, will take many posts to get it all out :)

  6. It was nice meeting you at BlogFest and can't wait to see your posts on it! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  7. Love Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc! A refreshing and crisp wine for the beach! Hope you enjoyed!