Friday, October 1, 2010

What I Love about Rain!

I really dislike rainy days, BUT since one is upon us today here in NYC/CT and has been all week, I'll stay positive and remind myself what is actually good about it!

You get to lay in these during the daytime hours and not feel guilty:

yummy aren't they - that is where I'd like to be right now!

And you get to accessorize with these cuties:

I like sportier rain coats - these two from patagonia are my faves.
Need to get a pair of hunter boots, although right now I'm digging my plaid sperry's
and that umbrella - well it's aqua, my favorite color.

What do you love about the rain?!


  1. These ae definitely beautiufl rainy day retreats...

  2. I love those images and a guilt free morning catching up on my favorite blogs! I also love my bright and happy Coach umbrella with a lucite handle. And, my Marc Jacobs rain boots that I got for a song - $25! I remind myself...I can still look put together on a rainy day. Off to get dressed!!

  3. Beautiful images! I love rainy days and it is supposed to become colder and rainy this weekend here in Michigan. Rainy days allow me to catch up on some things, finish up some crafts and not feel like I am missing out on something.

  4. 1. I love sitting on the beach in the rain, watching the water fall into the water...or even better yet, body surfing or body boarding in great waves.

    2. Today, upon going outside, my 20 month old son held his arms up and looked up in the sky in amazement and wonder with a big smile on his face. He was so excited by the rain. It reminded me how amazing it actually is.

  5. Beautiful post Liz! Love your images. I am home today nursing a sore back and it is delightful... I do love a good rain and a good snow!

  6. I love everything about the rain. I love the smell. I like the feel of the mist, and the taste of a raindrop on my tongue. It's actually sprinkling here as I type to you. Happy weekend doll! Those are gorgeous pics btw.

  7. Such gorgeous photos! I love a nice rainy day- especially if I can spend it in rooms like these! xoxo

  8. all your choices!!
    But I have to say....glad it's been sunny here lately:):):)
    I am not too much of a fan of rainy days!

  9. i love nothing better than white fluffy bedding. i like not having to go anywhere on a rainy day....i like to snuggle in and sleep late...the window open a bit to let in the smell of rain as it freshens the world around me...
    love your rainy weather wear choices...been dreaming about yellow wellies for a while now - splish splash!
    ps...been enjoying the music on your blog....reminds me of shopping in a fancy little shop!

  10. where did you get that umbrella?? I have been searching for one like that for a year!